15 Years In: The Juneyao Air Fleet In 2021

In a country with as many airlines as China, it can be hard for individual carriers to stand out. Nonetheless, Juneyao Air has established itself as a key player in the 15 years since it commenced operations, and now has more than 80 aircraft at its disposal. This collection includes both narrowbody and widebody jets, and is one of the youngest fleets out there.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is Juneyao Air’s widebody flagship. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr

Older A320 family aircraft

According to data from ch-aviation.com, there are presently 87 aircraft in Juneyao Air’s fleet. This figure is dominated by the original Airbus A320ceo (‘Current Engine Option’) family, which accounts for 62 of these jets, or around 71% of the total fleet. Of these 62 aircraft, the A320 is in the majority, with 35 examples present in the current Juneyao Air fleet.

At the time of writing, just three of these aircraft were inactive, of which two were in storage in Shanghai, and one was undergoing maintenance in Haikou. Juneyao Air fits its A320s with a two-class configuration, consisting predominantly of 150 economy seats. However, at the front of the aircraft, there is also a two-row, eight-seat business class cabin.

The carrier’s 27 A321s (of which 25 were active at the time of writing) also feature this eight-seat business class cabin, offering an exclusive experience to premium passengers. However, their lengthier fuselage means that they can accommodate 190 economy class passengers. These are some of Juneyao Air’s oldest jets, despite being just 5.8 years old on average.

Juneyao Air Airbus A321
Juneyao Air’s 27 Airbus A321s each seat 198 passengers. Photo: Airbus

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The A320neo series

In recent years, Juneyao Air has also begun to modernize its narrowbody fleet by adding jets from the next-generation Airbus A320neo (‘New Engine Option’) series. To date, it has received 16 A320neos, of which 13 were active at the time of writing, and has a 17th example on order. These 164-seaters (156 economy+8 business) are just 0.9 years old on average.

In November 2020, Juneyao Air also received its first stretched-fuselage Airbus A321neo. It now has three of these next-generation narrowbodies in its fleet, of which two were active at the time of writing. This figure will eventually double, as the airline has another three on order. They are also 0.9 years old on average, and have 199 economy and 8 business seats.

Juneyao Air Airbus A321neo
Juneyao Air received its Airbus A321neo in November 2020. Photo: Airbus

Widebody flagship – the Boeing 787

In addition to its narrowbody fleet, Juneyao Air also operates a handful of widebodies. Specifically, it has six Boeing 787-9s at its disposal, with which it hopes to establish more of a long-haul network. To date, Finland has proven a key market. Indeed, Juneyao Air serves Helsinki from two cities, and has partnered with Finnair on one such route.

Juneyao Air’s Dreamliners are 2.3 years old on average, and the airline has another four examples of the Boeing widebody on order. Each of these has a 295-seat economy class section, laid out in the typical nine-abreast (3-3-3) setup. These aircraft have Juneyao Air’s largest business class cabins, consisting of 29 flatbeds laid out four-abreast (1-2-1).

What do you make of Juneyao Air’s present fleet? Have you ever flown with this Shanghai-based carrier? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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