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15 UFO Cases That Make
You Go…Hmmm…
The UFO phenomenon is one of the most persistent and perplexing mysteries of modern times. While it has become increasingly evident that we are dealing with extraterrestrials, there are still many questions surrounding UFO activity on our planet. Cases of face-to-face contact with ETs remain the heart of the UFO phenomenon, but UFO sightings are far more numerous. This video presents 15 unusual and provocative sightings from across the planet, each of which raises important questions and provides profound insights.

THE MINIATURE UFO. One day in 1932 in Nambour, Australia, a young boy was playing with his friends when he came upon a landed craft only one foot wide. Standing next to it, he felt strange sensations in his body. He retreated from the object, which promptly took off. That night, blisters formed on his hands.

THE FAITH HEALER & THE FLYING SAUCER. In 1950 in Kenya, Africa, a faith healer visited the home of a man whose mother had suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed. While healing the woman, the faith healer told to the man to go outside and look at the sky. The man was shocked to see three UFOs.

THE UFO AT THE BUS-STOP. On May 9, 1956, Gertie Wynn and her friend Joan Frost sat at a bus-stop in Jacksonville, FL when a UFO dropped from the sky and hovered overhead. Both felt certain they were about to be kidnapped by the UFO. Just then, the bus arrived.

DIVE-BOMBED BY A UFO. Around 11pm on Jun 24, 1957, three teenagers were driving near Russellville, IN when they saw a UFO overhead. The next night at the same time and place, the UFO returned. This time, it swooped down and ejected a smaller object which entered their car and exploded.

UFO CAR CHASE. On the night of Mar 13, 1967, Cecil Perkins was in his home in San De Fuca, WA when a man knocked on his door saying that a UFO had chased him down the highway. Looking up, Cecil was amazed to see that the UFO still there.


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